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6 October 2015: The Committee took evidence from Shona Robison, Cabinet Secretary for Health, Wellbeing and Sport, Scottish Government. The Committee agreed to consider the evidence heard at a future meeting. Official Report: 6 October 2015

June 23rd 2013 Scottish Government Petition on Alzheimer's & Dementia Awareness

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Frank's Law is a campaign to stop the age discrimination which exists for people in Scotland under the age of 65.

At present, anyone under the age of 65 who requires personal care for their Dementia, Motor Neurone Disease, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Cancer, Progressive Supranuclear Palsy (or any other degenerative brain disease) has to fund the cost of the care themselves.

That person, will, in all probability (through no fault of their own) have lost their job , lost their income , is yet to reach pension age and their carer (which is usually a family member), will too have given up their job to care for their loved one. However, for those over the age of 65, that personal care is free.

But no disability, illness, condition or disease waits until a person reaches the age of 65, then strikes.

Amanda Kopel (widow of the late Frank Kopel) has experienced this injustice first hand:

12043205_10206384838931708_7227503240506461510_n Dementia came to our door as a very uninvited guest, when my beautiful husband Frankie, who was my best friend and soul mate was diagnosed with dementia when he was 59.

The 6 years which followed, until the day he died in my arms on April 16th 2014, both Frankie and I encountered first hand the discrimination which existed against vulnerable people under the age of 65.

I began the campaign in June 2013 as the present law (which had been introduced in 2002) stated that anyone over the age of 65, when assessed as requiring personal care should not have to pay for it.

Frankie did not need personal care at point of diagnosis, but as the dementia deteriorated that was when he needed personal care.

Only one day separates the difference between paying for personal care and getting it free.

It does not matter whether you are aged 64 or 65, the care will be the same.

Frank's Law campaign support is growing by the day as people all over Scotland realise that sometime in the future they may need the support of this extremely important law as not one of us know what the future has in store for us.

I do not want anyone under the age of 65 to go through the battle which Frankie and others went through and be discriminated against because of the age on their birth certificate.